We would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support. We can't make a movie without your help!

Qualified investors will soon be able to support high quality films. Clean Slate Films movies appeal to a wide audience while not insulting their intelligence nor their morals. Contact us for more details.

Platinum Rewards are customized for your needs. For instance, for an investment of $100,000 you can "Sponsor a Star". This would cover the salary of the lead actor. Sponsors will receive a signed photo and a personal letter of thanks from the star they sponsor, and possibly other perks depending on the star's schedule. (We cannot disclose the names of the stars we are courting since no deals have been signed yet. Suffice it to say that for feature narrative films we will typically hire recognizable actors for the primary characters and primary supporting roles. Please don't expect current A-list actors.

Would you like publicity for your bank, restaurant, winery, office, property management, or other business? We are in need of locations, and having a film shot in your establishment can put you miles ahead of your competition. Let's make a deal!

Please note: While we appreciate every contribution, please contact us before contributing if you are expecting a reward!