Jack Benny’s “Grass Reek” Punch Line Discovered After 65 Years.

On December 3rd, 1950 Mary Livingston fluffed her straight line near the end of a live radio broadcast of the Jack Benny Show.  The audience laughed and applauded so long and loudly that Jack didn’t have time to utter his punch line. That line had been lost to the ages until an original script was recently uncovered at Notre Dame University.

This podcast marks the first time that punch line has been made public.

Enjoy the story behind this legendary mistake, and hear the punch line as it was originally written.

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Brian Boswell began his career in the music industry working with clients such as Dave Matthews, Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, and James Taylor. He moved into radio and television where his work was seen on A&E, The History Channel, UPN, and ESPN. He produced and directed radio and television shows, garnering international press, an Emmy nomination, and an Indiana Broadcasters Spectrum award. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University. He currently resides in Monterey, California.

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